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This year is super special. I have all three of my boys and my girl with me for the summer. I fear this may be the last year I have all of them together as my boys are about to graduate from High School and are turning into men. We are leaving no stone unturned as we zig zag around the U.S. and Canada taking meetings, doing shoots and visiting family. 

Vancouver Island.

This spot had A LOT of bears. Kind of freaked us out. Kind of freaked us out. ^^^^^^

I LOVE Detroit!

Someone I know won't ever try smoking cigars again :) ^^^^^^^^^

If you are in West Virginia and like spooky stuff, I highly reccomend Lake Shawnee Haunted Amusement Park. We found the place on our Atlas Obscura App. 

A sweet old lady met us at the end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and then told us a bunch of scary shit and took us on a private tour. Pretty cool. The coolest part for me was the 1985 YUGO that was in one of the fields.



Probably the highlight of the summer was our stop in Arcadia Florida where I worked on a couple of commercials for a new product created by the "Evil Genius" at BOTE. This time I was on the other side of the camera :) 

https://kulacooler.com    Above poster design by the "One and Only" Rob McAbee.

Josh Collins paddled from Texas to NYC to increase awareness and resourcing for veteran brain related injury and illness treatment and recovery.

BOTE Boards sponsored his journey and we met him at the Statue of Liberty to greet him as he completed his mission.

For more info please visit Josh's page http://www.veteranvoyage360.com/about-josh-and-the-veteran-voyage-360-mission/