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This is the tale of an epic little road trip that began in Canoga Park at the compound and ended on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
The four dudes:  Rob Mcabee, Ody Anderson, Shane Reynolds, and myself. 
The objective:  A double mission...
First, we were shooting pics and video for a new stand-up paddleboard design from BOTE called the Grambler. A surf style board concepted and designed with the soul of a traditional longboard. The culmination of BOTE’s board design and a collaboration with BOTE board ambassadors Tim & Nicki Bluhm of Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, (a California folk rock band). 

Rob McAbee, BOTE’s Creative Brand Director, brought the Grambler to CA to hand deliver (and test surf) the first production board to Tim Bluhm at the Hipnic music festival in Big Sur. “

Second, we were shooting a Travel Channel's "Top 10 Locals List".  ( www.travelchannel.com/shows/top-10-locals-list )

My good friend Shane Reynolds is the host, director, shooter and editor. I fortunately (or unfortunately) was his co-host for the TOP 10: PCH.   

What could have turned out to be a complete nightmare turned out to be a killer week with unlimited cool shit happening non-stop. Boards flew off cars, minimal equipment was ruined, lots of farts, a near beat down from locals at one of the surf spots (who knew SUPs and cameras were unwelcome!??), blow darts, humpbacks, hippies, human feces, freezing water, and a ton of laughs.

It was rad...but it was no Kana Beach.