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I met Corey and Magda by chance in my friend Alan's  laser engraving shop in 2011. Corey said he had a little warehouse space down the street where he was making paddleboards. It sounded interesting and I asked if I could come take pictures. "I guess," Corey said. Fast forward a few months, my friend Alan that owned the engraving shop was now selling boards at the newly opened shop in Destin. Alan called me and said "hey man, there is a shitty black old mail truck in the back. You wanna spray paint it and do a weird shoot?"  That was the beautiful beginning. Fast forward a few more months, Corey hired a full time designer by the name of Rob McAbee. Rob had seen the mail truck photos and asked who had shot them and that he would like that person to shoot the upcoming catalog. 

One hundred plus photo shoots later and things just keep picking up steam. 


Here are a handful of my personal favorites.